1. May I request some samples from you?  

Sure! We offer a variety of sample options for purchase online, including our Paper Swatch Book, Foil Swatch Book, Sticker Swatch Book, Print & Finish Sample Kit, and Full Sample Set.


2. Would it be possible to receive a printed sample of my project? 

Absolutely! Please fill out our Quotation Form to receive a quote.

Considering the hours that go into establishing a design combined with the physical outlays for sample materials, we may not be able to waive this fee from your print job.

1. Will the Events quotation that I generate online include envelopes? 

Due to the variety of paper envelope offerings and further printing options available to you, these additions are offered separately from our online store.


2. What can I do if my order quantity or print dimensions exceed the limit on your Quote System?

Please fill out our Quotation Form for your projects. We will get back to you with the pricing shortly.


3. I am not sure how to use your Quote System, can you show me some examples? 

We have provided Quote Examples that can assist you in understanding how to quote online. If it’s still not clear, drop us a line. We’re here to help!


4. Can I obtain a quote for a business stationery project from your Quote System? For example, thank you cards, with compliments slip or document folders? 

Yes and No. For print sizes up to A5, you can obtain a quote under the Events section. For large-format prints like A4 document folders, please fill out the details on our Quotation Form. Our team will review your request and provide pricing information as soon as possible.


5. My job has embossing on the front and is duplexed, can I choose the embossing to be singe or double-sided?

Sure, please add a note on your print-ready artwork specifying whether the embossing should be single or double-sided.

1. Do you do digital foil?

We offer traditional foil stamping aka Foil-Press as we firmly believe it delivers the best print result. Digital foil simply doesn’t cut the mustard!


2. Is it possible to print light colours on dark-coloured paper? 

It’s all dependent on the ink.

At the moment we can only print white, silver and gold ink onto the dark-coloured stock. White ink is actually about 80% opaque, which means that if you want to print a PMS colour on a coloured background, we recommend printing on white paper instead. This will give you the same print result, but with more colour options available.

Take a look at this example for reference.


3. Which Pantone Guide is recommended for printing and edge painting purposes?

Our paper options are uncoated, so please choose PMS colours from Pantone Uncoated Formula Guide. If you don’t have access to it, we can help you choose the colours by referencing your artwork displayed on screen.


4. Can you print metallic and neon colours?

Yes. We can print metallic and neon PMS colours.


5. How do Blind Deboss and Blind Emboss differ from each other? 

Blind deboss is the same technique as letterpress, but without ink colour, it won’t create marks on the reverse side of the paper. It works better on paper over 400gsm.

The embossing technique requires a heated two-part metal die of the artwork, the paper squeezes between the heated die and sculpts around the artwork. Therefore, this will create a reflected mark on the reverse side.


6. Is it possible to do Edge Paint / Edge Foil on duplexed / triplexed paper? 

Absolutely, in fact the finished result is just as impressive as on single layered paper.


7. Are colour variations possible in printing? 


Full Colour Print – Your onscreen colours may differ to what the final product looks like. This is due to screen to screen variations, the nature of printing itself and bulk-run printing systems.

PMS colours – These colours are mixed by hand, so slight variances are possible. Also when the ink is printed on coloured stock, it will experience mild variations (including off-white).


8. How do white letterpress, white ink, and white foil differ from each other? 

We do not offer white ink letterpress, as we prefer blind deboss on solid colour print for a similar finish. This is suitable for bold and simple graphics. Check out this example here.

White ink is flat and approximately 80% opaque. It's ideal for delicate details on dark-coloured paper.

White foil comes with a slightly pressed effect. You can see an example of it here.


9. Will my project be trimmed exactly as my design? 

That’s our goal! Your job is printed on a large sheet and then trimmed to size, so a very small amount of variation is possible when it is being cut to size.


1. Are all your prices shown in AUD? 

All pricing displayed on is in Australian Dollars (AUD). Please be aware of exchange rates when placing an order. 


2. Is it possible for me to pay for the job upfront and upload the artwork at a later time? 

Absolutely! You can place your order first and provide your print-ready artwork at a later time when it's ready.


3. How do I set up the print-ready artwork?

You can check our File Preparation for final artwork submission details.


4. Do you offer a Proof Approval after my artwork submission? 

We never go to production without your green light.

After we receive your online order (including payment and artwork submission), we will send you a PDF proof to review online via email (usually within 24 hours).

Once you approve the proof, we will proceed with production of your project. The first two proofs are free of charge. However, any further modifications to the artwork or specifications may result in additional proofing fees.


5. What is your turnaround time? And do you offer rush order services? 

Our standard turnaround time is 9 to 13 business days after your final Proof Approval. If you require expedited service, we offer rush production for an additional fee of $100. This service typically takes 7 business days to complete, although the exact duration may vary depending on additional finishing options, such as duplexing.

1. Do you ship internationally? 

Yes, while we are an Australia-based company, we do ship internationally all over the world.

Flat Rate:

New Zealand: Standard Post- $35 / Express Post - $65
United States: Standard Post- $50 / Express Post - $85
The rest of the world: Standard Post - $75 / Express Post - $120

All Shipments are sent via Australia Post and come with Tracking. Once your order is posted, you can expect to receive email notifications regarding its departure, arrival in the destination country, and delivery.


2. How much is Australia-wide shipping and what is the estimated delivery time?

Standard Post Flat Rate - $12 (5 to 10 working days)
Express Post Flat Rate - $18 (1 to 3 working days)

All Shipments are via Australia Post. 


3. Do I get a notification when my order is shipped?

Once your order is shipped, you should receive an email with tracking information from Australia Post. If you have an account with us, you can also see your order status from your account.


4. Can I return my order and get a refund?

Custom-made items are ineligible for returns and refunds, as is standard for personalised services. However, should you experience any issues with your order, please contact us within 15 days after delivery, and we'll strive to assist you to the best of our ability.